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About Brit's Fine Furniture

Our Product

Furniture made by Brit's Fine Furniture is of the highest quality available today. Brit's Fine Furniture specializes in the building of antique reproductions, custom built pieces, quality kitchen cabinets,and bathroom vanities.  We also do furniture repairs and modifications. Emphasis is placed on creating a piece that is unique and shows the mark of hand work. Our furniture is constructed and finished in a manner that allows you and your family to enjoy the look and quality of a hand made piece of furniture for many years to come. Each piece is proudly signed and dated ensuring authenticity.


All wood is hand selected from premium stock and care is taken to match the colour and grain patterns. Cut nails are used when needed to ensure authenticity of the period.

Custom Building

If you would like to add a matching piece of furniture to pieces you already have, Brit's Fine Furniture will build the furniture to match the design and finish of the existing piece. If you have a one of a kind piece in mind, Brit's Fine Furniture will build it for you.

Antique Reproductions

We build antique reproductions with the same high quality as they were built generations ago. Age old joinery methods are used for durability, beauty and craftsmanship. Drawers are hand dove tailed at all four corners. All mortise and tenons are pegged. Wood turning, veneering, inlay, and carving are done by hand.


 The finishing is an important process in building a fine piece of furniture. Prior to thorough hand sanding all pieces are hand planed and scraped to remove machine marks. A stain is then added, if needed to achieve the colour you require. Many layers of oil are applied by hand and rubbed between coats.  The final coat is gently rubbed out with oil to give the piece a smooth finish and a protective coating.